Nancy Vigliotti Stretching out for Summer at Turner


It always seems to be a dream come true when a passion becomes a full-time career.

Nancy Vigliotti, a personal trainer and exercise enthusiast, has recently started her first summer working at Turner Community Center, running group and individual fitness classes. After years of exercise and fitness training, she has been offered a full-time position.

Vigliotti said fitness and exercise have always been passions in her life, and working out at Chautauqua has put her in an interesting position to help the people she would constantly see in her time at Turner.

Since she was a child, Vigliotti has had a love for outdoor fitness as well as Chautauqua; her summers on the lake at her grandfather’s cabin jumpstarted her love for different sports in the area.

I’m a runner, I’m a biker; I water ski and enjoy doing a lot of outdoor, physical fitness activities, so it’s a natural fit for me,” Vigliotti said. “I enjoy Chautauqua. I enjoy everything there is to do about this area — winter and summer. So, it’s been a good transition around the area.

After earning her American Council on Exercise personal training certification over 15 years ago, Vigliotti has been offering personal training for a number of years.

Once hired by Chautauqua, she earned her Aerobics and Fitness Association of America group fitness instructor certification. Vigliotti said her customer base is varying constantly with people looking for different methods of exercise and fitness.

I have a lot of new customers; (they’re) generally people looking for strength, flexibility, balance; the older population,” Vigliotti said. “A lot of them have had various surgeries, artificial knees and shoulder issues, and they’re looking to gain strength with that. I have some younger people; I just picked up a new girl this week who is actually doing the Ironman (Triathlon) in October. So, I’m looking forward to working with other people, too.”

In her first year, Vigliotti is already starting with a wide variety of class choices — from one-on-one appointments to group yoga classes — and wants to continue to grow to offer other programs at Turner.

To help those who are recovering from back surgery and other surgeries, Vigliotti said she is starting to include core and balance equipment like Bosu balls and exercise balls.

A lot of individuals who have had various surgeries are instructed by their physical therapists to work on strengthening and balance,” Vigliotti said.

As the 2019 season progresses, Vigliotti said she would like to continue to add to her catalog of fitness classes, possibly including ballet classes or a type of dance fitness course.

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