Boys’ and Girls’ Club Returns to Amp for Another Year of Air Band (Gallery)

If you happened to hear waves of thunderous noise coming from the Amphitheater last Thursday, it wasn’t cause for alarm; it was just applause from the annual Boys’ and Girls’ Club Air Band competition.

As hosts Nathan Chubb and Emerson Adams took the stage to open the show, the excitement was through the roof. Groupers all the way up to Senior Athletic Club and first-year counselors competed for the Air Band trophy, performing spectacular shows that cleverly used music from a variety of eras. Starting off the show, Group 7 Boys performed a medley of songs from the hit show “Avatar: The Last Airbender.”

All throughout, a variety of songs were performed in lip-sync medleys. Music from artists like Frank Ocean were featured back-to-back with the likes of David Bowie and Elton John. Groupers took the stage in versions of Elton John’s classic LA Dodgers sequined baseball uniform, before other Groupers sat on thrones and performed to Ocean’s classic, “Pyramids.”

Group 4 Girls performed using only Lady Gaga songs. Group 4 Boys went on stage with a theme of “4B Spaces Out,” using the songs of David Bowie and ending with one Grouper dressed as Freddie Mercury, singing the classic, “Don’t Stop Me Now.”

A fan favorite, however, was the SAC Girls performing “Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again!” Groups whooped and cheered for each performance, and at the close of the show, the judges announced the winners. “Most Original” went to Group 8 Boys for their theme of “The Cookie Thief,” featuring songs by Michael Jackson and John Mayer. “Best Costumes” was awarded to Group 2 Boys and Girls for their adorable superhero display. The overall winners of Air Band 2019 were the SAC Boys, with their rendition of “The Bachelorette.” SAC Boys had the crowd laughing, crying and clapping along to the performance, especially when they sang “Raining Men,” with a backing dance routine. A fun afternoon for all, the Amp erupted with cheers for all performers to close out Air Band 2019.

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