Painting in the Rain: Children’s School Paints Clear Skies During ‘Art in the Park’

The normal traffic of Bestor Plaza slowed as Chautauquans passed by easels and chalk drawings. As people started to wonder what the supplies were for, the answer turned the corner. Children’s School hosted a special Art in the Park last Thursday. Students between the ages of 4 and 6 had the opportunity to create art on Bestor Plaza, soak up the sunshine and embrace their inner Picasso in different activities, including bubble blowing, brick walk chalk and easel painting. Students created a variety of work, from turtles to sunrises, to a special snowman.

“He’s a snowman,” said Children’s School student Calvin Claus, as he stood in front of his easel, painting his latest creation. “He loves the snow, but gets upset when it starts to rain on him because he disappears. He’s happy right now though.”

Though Calvin couldn’t predict the future, he came close to it, as soon after, rainfall sent students onto the porch of the Colonnade. Luckily though, chalk and crayons in hand, kids were able to continue to draw while watching the rain, enjoying themselves as if they never had to move.

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