Boys’ and Girls’ Club pulls out all the stops with annual Airband competition

Photos by Jess Kszos

Taking the Amphitheater stage by storm Thursday afternoon, Clubbers presented the ever-popular, much-rehearsed, always-exuberant Airband lipsync competition. With costumes, props and song choices to consider, at the end of the afternoon, SAC Girls took the top spot as overall winners with their performance of “SAC Girls Spooky Stories.” Other winners — though who could ever lose at Airband? — included Group 8 Girls’ “Realistic Super Bowl Watch Party” taking home the titles for both people’s choice and best costumes/props; SAC Boys picking up best music choice; Group 7 Boys winning best choreography for “7B Plays the Wii;” Group 6 Boys getting the nod for most original with “6B Space Expedition,” and Group 5 Girls winning best lipsync for their turn with “5G Joins an A Cappella Group.” 

  • SAC Girls perform their lipsync program of “SAC Girls Spooky Stories” during Airband Thursday in the Amphitheater.
  • Group 7 Boys bring video games to life with “7B Plays the Wii.”
  • SAC Boys make their case in the employment office for “SAC Boys Get a Job.”
  • Group 2 Girls tap into the hot-pink zeitgeist with “2G in Barbieland” — with Emma Weinert as Barbie — during their Airband performance.
  • Group 5 Girls, taking inspiration from some popular Amp performances, get in on the fun with “5G Joins an A Cappella Group.”
  • Group 6 Boys go out of the world with “6B Space Expedition.”
  • Even though football playoffs are months out, Group 8 Girls look ahead to a “Realistic Super Bowl Watch Party.”

The author Jess Kszos

Jess Kszos is an undergraduate photojournalism student at Rochester Institute of Technology. She is interested in photographing the stories of the community around her. Two years ago she started at Cobb’s Hill Park in Rochester, New York, to photograph people she did not know, and now she is a freelancer best known among the basketball community in Rochester. Her father, Joe Kszos, was born and raised in Chautauqua County, while her mother, Lynn Kszos, studied Chautauqua Lake while completing her Master’s Degree at SUNY Fredonia, and Jess is excited to be closer to her roots at Chautauqua.