Earning their colors at the annual Beach to Beach Color Sprint

Photos by Brett Phelps and Carrie Legg

  • Chautauqua’s youngest — and most enthusiastic — runners are doused in colored cornstarch at the end of Sports Club’s Color Sprint Thursday afternoon beneath the Youth Activities Center balcony. Brett Phelps/Staff Photographer
  • A dyed t-shirt lies on the Chautauqua Lake's shoreline after the Color Sprint. Brett Phelps/Staff Photographer
  • Wyatt Griffith, 9, gets sprayed with water at the beginning of the Color Sprint’s route from Children’s Beach to the Youth Activities Center. A quick blast of water at the start of the race makes for stickier, more saturated hues from the cornstarch throughout the race — and during the vibrant explosion of colored powder across the finish line. Carrie Legg/Staff Photographer
  • Aviv Granek, 6, throws bright blue cornstarch on participants as they run by. Carrie Legg/Staff Photographer
  • Thirteen-year-old Austin Walkerly, left, cheers on in excitement as, counterclockwise, thirteen-year-old Izzy Walkerly, thirteen-year-old Charlotte Toomey, and thirteen-year-old Paige Golish surround thirteen-year-old Abby Cooke after jumping into Chautauqua Lake to cool down and wash the colored powder off. Brett Phelps/Staff Photographer
  • Aiden Brady, 10, rolls on the ground to get as much colored chalk on him as possible. Carrie Legg/Staff Photographer
  • Young Chautauquans rush to finish during the Color Sprint Thursday afternoon, Aug. 3, along South Lake Drive. Brett Phelps/Staff Photographer

The author Carrie Legg

Carrie Legg is a photographer for The Chautauquan Daily. She is a recent graduate of Ohio University with a Bachelors of Science in Photojournalism and a specialization in social sciences. Carrie was the photo editor of Southeast Ohio Magazine for two seasons and worked on the photo staff of her school paper, The Post, for four years as a staff photographer and eventually photo editor. Carrie has been taking photos casually for almost a decade, but professionally for about six years. She is passionate about sharing stories of people and events in a visually interesting way that causes critical thinking and contemplation. In her free time, Carrie enjoys being outdoors, hanging out with friends, and playing with her two cats, Pepper and Poppy.