Fishheads take Chautauqua Softball Championship

Photos by Brett Phelps

  • The Fishheads pose in front of the scoreboard showing their winning score after defeating the YAC Pac in the championship game Monday evening, July 31, 2023, on Sharpe Field. Fishheads win over the YAC Pac 17 to 16.
  • Players from YAC Pac race to the ball during the YAC Pac v.s. Fishheads championship game.
  • Fishhead’s pitcher Will Chubb readies to catch the softball as YAC Pac’s Leo Herman swings to hit the softball.
  • YAC Pac’s Finn Monroe attempts to tag Fishhead’s Matthew Daris as he slides into third base.
  • YAC Pac’s Flint Dickerson swings at the softball during the first inning.
  • Center, Teddy Anderson holds Miron Shelepov as YAC Pac celebrates a run during the YAC Pac v.s. Fishheads championship game.
  • YAC Pac Players watch as Liam Vitters, left, and Marshall Howe celebrates a run.
  • Boys from Boys’ Club watch and root for the Fishheads from the dugout during a close game against the YAC Pac.
  • Phil Lerman leads the crowd in “Take Me Out To The Ball Game."
  • Patrick Ritacco hangs off the visitor's side fence.
  • The Fishheads jump into Chautauqua Lake after securing a Championship Game victory over the YAC Pac.
  • A cater’s glove lays in the grass during the YAC Pac v.s. Fishheads championship game.

The author Brett Phelps

Brett Phelps is a visual journalist from Bardstown, Kentucky. Entering his junior year, Brett studies photojournalism, marketing, data analytics and computer information systems at Western Kentucky University. In his first summer at Chautauqua, Brett looks forward to soaking in all of the culture and knowledge that the season has to bring. In his downtime, he enjoys taking long drives through the country backroads (with the windows down), going on hikes, traveling to new destinations, attending concerts and playing the piano. Brett’s life endeavor: Capturing the celebration of life!