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Video: How to walk the Chautauqua Labyrinth Last week, Lauren Artress gave a guest presentation on how to best experience the Chautauqua Labyrinth. The Labyrinth is available to Chautauquans at any time. Weekly Labyrinth walks are held at 6:30 p.m. on
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Video: The Chocolate Episode As a preview for the Lucy Comedy Fest, the National Comedy Center gives Chautauquans a chance to have fun with a model of the chocolate factory machine from the "I Love Lucy" episode “Job

Chautauquans on Theme: Soft Power “There have been moments when it felt like the right thing to do was to try and proceed and make peace, and that could only be made by me seeking understanding and my asking
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Video: Club Water Olympics 2017 Every year the Chautauqua Boys’ and Girls’ Club is divided into red and blue teams to compete in the Club Water Olympics.

Video: Weeding Chautauqua Lake “To cut all the weeds in this lake in one season is virtually impossible,” Steve Holland said. “But I know that we’re doing a good thing for the home owners on the lake.” Holland