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Katie McLean | Staff PhotographerAlgae covers the new Chautauqua Golf Club wetlands Thursday. The algae growth is encouraged by phosphate and nitrate nutrients settling in the wetlands — and not Chautauqua Lake. The nutrients also nourish the native plantings around the wetlands, which, when mature, will obscure most of the algae. The bare area at the bottom center of the photo is what will become part of the third tee of the golf club’s Lake Course, which will be completed in the off-season.

This offseason: A path to a greener Chautauqua, strewn with boulders

Chautauquans will recall that the Institution received federal and New York state grants totaling more than $700,000 in 2011 to support efforts to better manage stormwater runoff and to help keep Chautauqua Lake free of phosphates and other harmful nutrients.

One of the signature elements in the Institution’s plan to spend the grant money most effectively is a wetlands project near the tee on the third hole of Chautauqua Golf Club’s Lake Course. The wetlands project has taken visible shape during the 2013 Season.

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Analyst Dentzer to clarify current health policy muddle

Susan Dentzer will wrap up the Week Nine examination of “Health Care: Reform and Innovation” — and the 2013 morning lecture series — at 10:45 a.m. today in the Amphitheater.

Dentzer is a longtime health care analyst on “PBS NewsHour,” former editor of the journal Health Affairs and a senior health policy adviser at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation in Princeton, N.J.

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Brian Smith | Staff PhotographerStephanie Dawson of Atlanta shares how she spreads the word about Chautauqua with friends and neighbors at home July 18 in the Visitors Center. Dawson is part of Chautauqua Advocates, agroup of Chautauquans that advocate for the Institution.

Chautauqua Advocates seeks community members to spread the word about Institution in home communities

The new Chautauqua Advocates program enlists Chautauquans to spread the word about the Institution in their home communities during the off-season. Advocates are invited to host gatherings for friends or colleagues who might be interested in Chautauqua as a summer vacation destination.

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Chautauqua conversations: For Goldman, a life of politics, service and Chautauqua summers

There would be no relaxed porch conversation this time. A meatloaf was needed for a Chautauqua neighborhood potluck that night, so multi-tasking was necessary. In her cozy kitchen on the grounds, longtime women’s rights activist Pat Goldman reflected on a distinguished public career which has been punctuated and complemented by her long association with Chautauqua. Goldman was brought to Chautauqua Institution by her first husband, Charles Goodell. After his death, she introduced Chautauqua to her present husband, Steve Kurzman. Among her many links to the Institution are terms served on the Chautauqua Foundation Board of Directors and the Institution’s board of trustees. When they’re not in Chautauqua, she and her husband live in Washington, D.C.

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Brian Smith | Staff PhotographerChautauqua Volunteer Fire Department’s siren sits in the Institution’s overflow parking lot.

Fire chief Powers explains continuing need for siren

Chautauqua Volunteer Fire Department Chief Mark Powers is a visible presence on the grounds, so he hears things. He hears a few more things after the fire siren pierces the nocturnal stillness on the grounds.

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From around the world to work at Chautauqua: Institution’s young seasonal staffers dream big

The advent of another summer season always heralds the arrival of hundreds of young people coming to work at Chautauqua Institution. Most are on summer vacation from college or high school. Many come from Chautauqua County and western New York, drawn by a familiarity with the Institution or its proximity to family homes. A few come from faraway places to make their contribution to a smooth-running summer season on the grounds.

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Property owners approve CUD measure

Last Tuesday, Chautauquans overwhelmingly approved a proposal by the Chautauqua Utility District (CUD) authorizing a $408,000 expenditure over the next year for engineering design work on equipment replacement and upgrades needed to comply with federal clean water mandates.

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Chautauqua conversations: The home-grown chairman of the board

The Daily newsroom was empty and unfamiliar on a Saturday morning, but George Snyder, 50, knew an earlier Daily newsroom very well. The outgoing three-term chairman of the Institution’s governing board of trustees was, for many youthful summers, a key member of the Daily staff. His life experience is suffused with Chautauqua: At Old First Night last week, he proudly stood with those who have been coming to the Institution for 50 years or more. Snyder came with his family, went to Children’s School and to Boys’ and Girls’ Club, worked at the Daily, brought his best girl to the grounds to spend time with his family, watched his own daughters catch Chautauqua fever and has served at the pinnacle of the Institution’s structure of governance. And he is not done — there are more chapters to come with him and Chautauqua.

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