Annual Club Carnival brings out the kid in everyone

  • Mack Lewandowski, 11, launches a water balloon and hits the battleship during the Boys' and Girls' Club carnival on Thursday, July 19, 2019. ABIGAIL DOLLINS/STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER

The annual Boys’ and Girls’ Club Carnival last Thursday, July 19, taught kids how to spend their tickets wisely and have fun at the same time.

This yearly event gives clubbers the chance to play a variety of carnival-themed games and activities all across Club. Each Club group got the chance to run their own booth. Clubbers could purchase 20 tickets for $5, with most booths offering attractions for three tickets or less.

The fan favorite seemed to be Kid Car Wash, where clubbers would get pulled across a plastic tarp on a lifebuoy, where soap was poured on them and tons of water splashed on them.

“It was a blast,” said Connor Ewalt, 2B.

There was also a pie-a-counselor booth that gave the clubbers a chance to vote on who they wanted to see pied by dropping tickets into jars with counselors’ names on them. There were some underlying conspiracies among counselors as to why they got pied.

Both counselors Emma Aoueille and Jonathan Russell believed their Group 6 clubbers conspired to get them pied.

“I got pied today because my clubbers wanted revenge,” Russell said, noting his sister was also a clubber and she was “for sure” out to get him.

Aoueille’s theory was similar.

“I probably got pied because I have a lot of clubbers that wanted to see me get pied,” Aoueille said. “Also, my friend is the SAC Girls counselor (who ran the booth).”

Both counselors were good sports and made the best of it.

The carnival was a success and counselors expect it will be back next year.

“I miss the bake sale. They had it last year, and I would like to see that (come) back,” Aoueille said.

Lilabo Williams, 7G, enjoyed three cup monte andguessing where the candy was. She also had an idea for next year’s carnival.

“I want a dunk tank above the lake where you can dunk counselors into it,” Lilabo said.

Fun was the main goal of the day, and that was certainly achieved.

“The events were super fun,” Russell said. “It was awesome to see everyone come out, come together and have a great time.”

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