Boys’ and Girls’ Club to compete in annual Track and Field events


Clubbers at the Boys’ and Girls’ Club are fueled up for the upcoming Track and Field event on Wednesday, July 11.

Clubbers will participate in many traditional track and field events, but also in some highly anticipated and unusual relay races.

“Relays between the staffs of the Sailing Center and (Club) is always competitive,” said Club counselor Julia Koron. “It’s really fun to watch, that’s most important.”

Rylan Springer, who won last year’s staff relays, is ready for the competition.

“I plan to win again,” he said.

Competition and fun are what will drive today’s events.

“It’s fun to compete and challenge your peers,” said Clubber Emmett Doty. “It’s fun to have an extra competitive spirit, also.”

Maya Naimoli, 10G, has high hopes to have some record- breaking performances at the events. She will be running the 100-meter and 200-meter dashes.

This Track and Field events also gives kids a chance to get out of their daily routines and switch things up.

“This gets us to mix things up a bit,” Springer said. “Also, (we) get to try new things and have fun.”

Emmett agreed, and said he is excited for the upcoming events.

“It’s really nice to do something different,” Emmett said. “Dedicating a day to competition is also good.”

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