CPOA Talks Traffic and Trash Concerns at Annual Business Meeting

Robert Hopper expresses his concerns about trash pick-up and fairly sharing the roads between pedestrians and bikers, topics lots of other members also inquired about, during the Chautauqua Property Owners Association business meeting Saturday Aug. 10, 2019 at the Hall of Philosophy. SARAH YENESEL/STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER

Bike safety, trash collection practices and a new communication platform were at the forefront of the Chautauqua Property Owners Association’s annual business meeting on Saturday morning in the Hall of Philosophy.

Chautauquans raised concerns about a lack of headlights on bikes, speeding and poor bike signaling. Attendees suggested mandating bike safety instructions at Boys’ and Girls’ Club, holding a parents’ meeting to teach proper biking etiquette or fundraising to supply bikes with headlights. Additionally, a Chautauquan suggested adding a “no biking” sign in front of Odland Plaza because, traditionally, there is no biking on brick walkways.

Motorized transportation was also an extensive talking point at the meeting; Chautauquans worried about the lack of regulation of electric scooters, hoverboards and skateboards. Concerns were also expressed about inconsistent speed limits; in front of the fire station, the speed limit is 15 mph, one attendee said, whereas everywhere else on the grounds it is 12 mph.

Paul Perry, president of the CPOA, announced that Area Four Representative Mary Henderson will be reviving and leading a committee on traffic and safety to address these issues. 

Chautauquans were also discontent with the increased amount of trash and cigarette filters in communal areas, and loose trash bags left outside on trash pickup days. Chautauquans requested there be a recycling dumpster on the grounds, trash and recycling bins at each property and more community action to pick up litter.

One attendee was concerned that Mambo’s  — a social engagement app employed by the Institution — user privacy settings collect user information and may sell that data to third-party companies. Institution President Michael E. Hill did not know if Mambo is in fact selling user data, but he asked attendees “not to jump to conclusions.”

Additionally, the CPOA announced it would soon be unveiling a new communication platform, which has been in the works since last season, according to Member-at-Large Paul Ritacco.

“What you’ll hopefully be seeing here, relatively soon in the next year, is a new platform which will allow us to communicate with each other, to communicate with and get information from CPOA, communicate and get information to CPOA and allow us to have off-season communication capabilities,” Ritacco said. 

The CPOA also nominated James M. Klingensmith for a second term as a Class B trustee; Klingensmith was officially elected at the Board of Trustees corporate meeting following the CPOA business meeting. Paul Perry, president of the CPOA, also announced that the current CPOA board will roll over to next season.

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