Grilled Cheeselers, Moms play hard in first women’s playoff despite rain delay

  • Lydia Wells of the Grilled Cheeselers scores a run against the Moms, Sunday, July 29, 2018, at Sharpe Field. RILEY ROBINSON/ STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER

The first playoff game for the women’s softball league didn’t come without its complications. Thursday’s game on July 26 was rained out after two innings and had to be rescheduled for Sunday, July 29, at Sharpe Field.

A dark cloudy day on Sunday was threatening play once again. With on and off rain throughout the day, the game was pushed back to 5:30 p.m., but the rain seemed to finally stop, so the playoff game could go on.

The first game was between the Grilled Cheeselers and the Moms. Before the game was rained out on Thursday, the Grilled Cheeselers were up 8-2 after two innings. The Grilled Cheeselers also didn’t have enough players for the first game, so the rain helped them out.

“It was good coming in with more girls,” said Jillian Lawton, third basemen for the Grilled Cheeselers. “We scored more on the rain-out day because we lost the game before and we were just angry and pumped up. We felt like we had to turn it around.”

The Grilled Cheeselers found a way to keep the momentum going into the make- up game.

“We have a group message, so we text each other to pump each other up for game day,” Lawton said. “Then, we blast music and dance — that helps. Also, we are all positive girls.”

With already having the lead going into the make-up game, the Grilled Cheeselers only needed to play defense and stay ahead of the Moms.

Starting at the top of the third inning, the Grilled Cheeselers were up to bat and had three base hits to start off. The team ended up scoring one run and leaving one base runner stranded on second base. The Moms played good defense to not let the lead grow too large, but once up to bat at the bottom of the third inning, they couldn’t score a run.

The score going into the to fourth inning was 9-2; the Grilled Cheeselers got held scoreless. The Moms still had a chance to get back in the game. However, the Moms couldn’t get a run to score.

After both teams got held scoreless in the fourth inning, the Grilled Cheeselers started the final inning with two quick outs. They ended up scoring four runs with two outs and sealed the game.

The final score for the first playoff game was 13-2 — Grilled Cheeselers winning.

“First win of playoffs was awesome,” Lawton said. “We don’t care who we play in (the) championship. We are going into the game strong and have fun — and Grilled Cheeselers forever!”

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