Hot Chauts beat out Belles for championship spot

  • Paula Bobik bats for the Hot Chauts against the Chautauqua Belles in their first playoff game of the season Tuesday, July 31, 2018 on Sharpe Field. RILEY ROBINSON/STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER

Tuesday’s women’s playoff game on July 31 with the Belles and Hot Chauts had high stakes and decided who would play in the upcoming championship game.

The game started out fast, with the Belles leading off the first inning and scoring two runs — one run being off an error by the Hot Chauts’ second basewoman. But the Hot Chauts answered right back with seven runs of their own in the bottom of the first inning.

Top of the second inning, the Hot Chauts looked to play better defense. The team succeeded, getting three quick outs and not letting a single hitter on base. The Hot Chauts scored three more runs at the bottom of the second inning.

“We are starting to gel, hitting-wise, and that’s what we didn’t do in the beginning (of the season),” said Shelly Klinek, shortstop for the Hot Chauts. “This is the first time some of us have played together.”

The hitting didn’t continue, and the rest of the game went scoreless. The final score was 10-2. The Hot Chauts advanced to the championship, but there was no shortage of great plays on the part of the Belles.

Paige Miller, left fielder for the Belles, had several remarkable diving catches to stop the Hot Chauts from scoring runs.

Klinek even took notice.

“They had some good catches,” she said.

The playoff game was slow for how significant it was.

“I think we were relaxing a little bit,” Klinek said. “We were just taking our time.”

The championship game is set and will feature the Hot Chauts versus the Grilled Cheeselers.

Klinek, who will be playing in the championship, said she is not nervous and is looking forward to a “fun and safe game.”

The hopes for the upcoming championship are high.

“My expectations are (that) everyone has fun, gets along and we have a great game,” said Carrie Zachry, women’s commissioner. “I do think the game will be very competitive and close.”

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