In Heated Game, Hot Chauts Blaze Past Chautauqua Moms

In a game that started neck and neck, the Hot Chauts pulled away after the second inning to win 14-7 over the Chautauqua Moms on Thursday at Sharpe Field, continuing the 2019 season of Chautauqua women’s slow-pitch softball.

After the first inning had the Hot Chauts up by one over the Moms, a comeback seemed possible, given the momentum of the game. The game’s outcome impacted the season’s roster, putting the Hot Chauts over the Moms with four wins to three.

Communication across both teams was strong, but small issues made all the difference throughout the game. With the Moms missing a catcher, runs were easier to force home for the Hot Chauts and their larger roster of younger players. Between a need for other runners, and several bunted balls, the Moms were often out quickly, turning over to the next inning.

Hot Chauts captain and first baseman Jennifer Tarr said her teammates come from all over Chautauqua County, which she believes is an important part of the team’s high level of play. Tarr said that although some players were absent, and some substitutions were made, they still played very well for the circumstances, pulling through with the win.

I think we had a good game,” Tarr said. “A lot of people were missing this game, but we always work together as a team, (and we) had good plays. Our outfielder Paula (Bobik) caught some really good fly balls out there.”

The top play of the game came at the bottom of the fifth inning, with the Moms up to bat. When a ball went sailing into the outfield for what seemed like a home run, quick ball movement and communication got the runner out before she could reach home. Tarr and Maureen Gray, Hot Chauts shortstop, got the ball to home plate just before the runner could touch it, getting her out and ending the game in one play.

At the end of the day though, Tarr said the games and competition are all in fun.

That last play between myself and Maureen coming into home was a good one,” Tarr said. “Got (the runner) out at home base. I wish she got a home run, though. We’re all here to have a good time.”
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The author Evan Dean

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