Children’s School celebrates art on Bestor Plaza

  • Kids draw using the sidewalk chalks on the brick walk during the Children's School Art in The Park event, Thursday, August 9, 2018, on Bestor Plaza. BRIAN HAYES/STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER

Usually plungers are found near a toilet and not in a bucket of paint.

Children’s School celebrated Week Seven’s theme, “The Arts and Global Understanding,” with different art practices, including using plungers to paint the sidewalk outside of the school.

The 3s and 4s dunked plungers into paint and smashed them on the black pavement on Wednesday. Instead of riding the tricycles and other Little Tikes vehicles, the children painted them in different colors.

Elise Orbaker was celebrating her fourth birthday and said painting outside was a good way to spend it. Elise said it is normal to use plungers as paintbrushes, and she liked to use the color pink.

“It is a pretty color,” Elise said.

The 5s and 6s ventured to Bestor Plaza for Art in the Park on Thursday to create their own masterpieces. Stations were set up to show the children different forms of art. There was a station for painting, portrait drawing and a slime table.

Maci-Lynn Akin, 6, painted a red triangle on her blank sheet of paper that later become the sail for her painting of the Chautauqua Belle.

Maci-Lynn mixed red and blue to make purple so she could include the color in her painting. She created the night sky filled with green stars, and Chautauqua Lake was different shades.

“I’m doing different shades of blue,” Maci-Lynn said.

Clara Nilsen-Baumwall, 6, filled her canvas with a landscape featuring flowers, the sun and grassy hills that she created “from her imagination.” Her dalmatian, Spotty, sat on the easel and helped her paint. Clara said her parents were going to frame her painting and hang it in her house.

Other children made ephemeral zen paintings — which are created by squirting water onto the brick walk — chalk art and yarn bombing.

Leo Rapport, 6, and Nora Howell, 6, liked the yarn bombing, which involved wrapping yarn around items in Bestor Plaza like benches and trees.

“I’m making a spider web,” Leo said.

Two benches were conjoined by the yarn, and the children were enjoying getting stuck in the mess.

“It’s fun because you have to wrap yarn under other yarn,” Nora said.

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