Pas de Blur: One Evening, Two Art Forms

  • Finn Faulconer and Christiana Cecere perform "Peasant Pas de Deux(Giselle)" during An Evening of Pas de Deux featuring Alumni Artist, Wednesday, August 2, 2018, in the Amphitheater. BRIAN HAYES/STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER


Curated by School of Dance Director of Contemporary Studies Sasha Janes, An Evening of Pas de Deux featuring Alumni Artists on Wednesday, Aug. 1, in the Amphitheater featured former students who have gone on to become company members at such esteemed troupes as New York City Ballet, Joffrey Ballet, Aspen Santa Fe Ballet, Alvin Ailey Dance Theater, and The Washington Ballet, among others. The evening highlighted the incredible grace and technical skill these dancers possess, and provided an opportunity to showcase an additional art form.

The process of creating these photographs combines several techniques. All photos were made entirely in-camera; no fancy post-processing work was used. Traditionally, a fast shutter speed is used to stop motion and ensure sharp photos. For these photos, a slow shutter speed was used — anywhere between half a second to a full five seconds — to capture the graceful motion of the dancers. A technique called multiple exposures was also used. This process allows multiple frames, between two and nine, to be stacked, in-camera, into one image.

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