Jamestown Tarp Skunks top Chautauqua Diamond Hoppers 10-6 in exhibition game

Photos by Carrie Legg

  • Teams line up before the start of an exhibition game between the Jamestown Tarp Skunks and the Chautauqua Diamond Hoppers Tuesday at Sharpe Field.
  • John Chubb, a player for the CHQ Hoppers, hits the ball while kids and members of his own team root for him from the sidelines.
  • Brendan Keogh swings the bat for his team, the CHQ Hoppers.
  • Grady Munroe races toward third base so he does not get tagged out.
  • Harrison Archer, 10, Jack Spear, 10, Graham Lochwood, 10, and Kellen Cedro, 9, hang on the fence and watch the game.
  • A player for the Tarp Skunks tags first base with his foot.
  • Lily Nagle, a player for the CHQ Hoppers, swings at the ball while members of the opposing team, the Tarp Skunks, watch from the sidelines.
  • Nate Chubb runs for home base.
  • Kids gather in the Diamond Hoppers dugout while watching the game.
  • Nate Chubb, a player for the CHQ Hoppers, throws the ball from first base in an attempt to get a member of the opposing team, the Tarp Skunks, out.
  • Will McEvoy swings the bat while John Chubb watches from the sidelines.
  • 10-year-olds, Jack Spear, Harrison Archer, and Graham Lochwood, cheer on the Diamond Hoppers.
  • CHQ Hopper, Lily Nagle, gets a free run to first base.
  • Tarp Skunks infielder Connor Bendeck, center, claps for a teammate from second base while JB Barr of the Diamond Hoppers tosses the ball back to the pitcher after a play.
  • Frank Viella hits the ball.
  • Aiden Wallace holds his glove up to catch the ball.
  • Richard Ferrer-Westrop takes a swing for the Tarp Skunks.
  • Julia Koron hits the ball for the CHQ Hoppers.

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