A Splashing Good Time: Club Water Olympics

Photos by HG Biggs

  • Boys’ and Girls’ Club held its annual Water Olympics Friday down at the Club shoreline, after stormy weather pushed the tradition a day later in the week. The Red Team emerged victorious over the Blue Team, 210-200.
  • Claire Arterburn looks on as she and fellow Clubbers stand for the National Anthem at the launch of the 2023 Boys’ and Girls’ Club Water Olympics.
  • Lily Burgeson lets out a whoop of celebration after securing victory over the ever-slippery greased watermelon for her team.
  • From left, Emmett Artz, Andrew Solak, Abraham Fleischer, Lockie Abbot and Adam Vlasewicz score for the Red Team off Fleischer’s set during a Water Olympics volleyball game.
  • Clara Nilsen, left, and Eloise Andrade compete in a paddled frenzy during their kayak race.
  • Girls teams waiting to play volleyball watch from the sidelines as the red and blue group 6 boys face off
  • Members of the red team celebrate after being declared the winners
  • The Chautauqua Boys and Girls Club Water Olympics on took place on July 14, 2023, along Chautauqua Lake by the Boys and Girls Club. The red team emerged victorious, defeating the blue team 210 points to 200.
  • January Bear watches as her teammates compete in a freestyle race.
  • Lifeguards Alex Sammarco and Stephanie Hovey grease a watermelon in preparation for the next round of competition.
  • Connor Watkins celebrates after his group of the blue team was victorious in a fight for a greased watermelon.
  • January Bear and Giselle De Windt watch as teammates compete in a freestyle race.
  • Lock Abbot takes a nap on a bench during the competition.

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