MFSO students, under Hasegawa’s baton to give bonus performance in Bestor Plaza

David Effron Conducting Fellow Ryo Hasegawa leads the Music School Festival Orchestra in John Adams’ “The Chairman Dances” during a joint performance with the School of Dance Monday in the Amphitheater. HG Biggs/Staff Photographer

Zoe Kolenovsky
Staff writer

Even if it’s not an in official performance, students of the Music School Festival Orchestra want to share their art, said Ryo Hasegawa, the School of Music’s 2023 David Effron Conducting Fellow.

“The other students like me, they all hunger to play,” he said. “They really want to play and just put out something in return to their communities.” 

At 6 p.m. tonight, Hasegawa will lead members of the MFSO in a bonus performance for members of the Chautauqua community on Bestor Plaza in front of Smith Memorial Library.


“We basically have an off-week,” Hasegawa said, “so I thought this would be a perfect time to put together something.”

Hasegawa gathered students of the Instrumental Program who also felt compelled to continue their musical studies in a way that allowed them to share their artistry with the community. Together, they planned two spontaneous shows: one this evening and another to follow next Tuesday. Tonight’s performance will showcase members of the wind and brass sections. The evening will begin with Richard Strauss’ Serenade for Wind Instruments, then continue with the first and fourth movements of Charles Gounod’s Petite Symphonie.

“There are some really demanding, tricky pieces in there,” said Hasegawa. “Each piece has slightly different orchestration.”

Next on the set list is Igor Stravinsky’s Octet for Wind Instruments, and then the night concludes with the first, second and fourth movements of Antonin Dvorak’s Serenade for Winds, Cello and Double Bass.

“There’s such a diverse repertoire. It’s just fun for the listeners, as well as us, being able to play this extra music,” Hasegawa said.

In addition to Hasegawa, who will be conducting each of the pieces, 21 students will perform. For the winds section, Lauren Hallonquist, Alexander Lake and Miranda Macias will be playing on bassoon; Aaron Lipsky, Nathan Magley and Katia Waxman on clarinet; Josean Delgado and Joselyn Zhang on flute; and Kearsen Erwin, Brian Steward and Nathalie Vela on oboe.

The brass section is Evan Beachy on bass trombone; Gretchen Berendt, Trenton Carr, Samuel Himes, Katya Jarmulowicz and Dena Levy on horn; and Jeremy Bryant and Fiona Shonik on trumpet. They’re joined by Adrian Hsieh on cello and Danny Sesi on string bass.

“I’ve been having a blast making music with these people,” Hasegawa said. “The musicians here are just so amazing to hang out (with), so amazing to perform (with). I just wanted to have more opportunities to actually play with these people.”


The author Zoe Kolenovsky