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‘Trip Around the World’ to will bring Zakaria back to Chautauqua in 2014

Back by popular demand, Fareed Zakaria will return to Chautauqua in 2014 to kick off Week Eight, themed “Chautauqua’s Global Public Square.”

The best-selling author of The Post-American World and the host of “Fareed Zakaria GPS,” a weekly foreign affairs newscast on CNN, Zakaria will begin a week illuminating issues from all over the world, highlighting those often ignored by American politicians and the public.

Sherra Babcock, Chautauqua Institution vice president and the Emily and Richard Smucker Chair for Education, said she believes Chautauquans will be very excited about the chance to be educated on and engage in global issues.

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Velshi surveys morality levels in financial markets

In the aftermath of 2008’s burst of the housing bubble, many Americans pointed fingers at those who took out loans they couldn’t afford for costly homes beyond their means.

But Ali Velshi wasn’t assigning blame.

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Brazile returns to Chautauqua to talk post-racial society

Donna Brazile has seen great strides toward a post-racial society, but she doesn’t believe America is quite there yet.

Brazile, vice chair of voter registration and participation at the Democratic National Committee, will speak at today’s 2 p.m. lecture in the Hall of Philosophy on “Emancipation: From Proclamation to Achievement.”

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Presidents’ daughters share experiences from inside White House

It’s difficult for most Americans to imagine what it’s like to sit down for a family dinner with the person who is running the country.

Lynda Johnson Robb, daughter of President Lyndon B. Johnson, and Susan Ford Bales, daughter of President Gerald Ford, are two of the few people who have known that unique opportunity.

At 10:45 a.m. Wednesday in the Amphitheater, Johnson Robb and Ford Bales will discuss their experiences of living in the White House and growing up in the media spotlight. The discussion, part of Week Nine’s theme “The Presidents Club,” will be moderated by CNN contributor John Avlon.

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Best-selling author Mansfield addresses faith and 2012 election for CCF

Stephen Mansfield will speak on the topic “Faith and the 2012 Presidential Race” this evening, from 7 to 8 p.m. in the Hall of Philosophy. The program is sponsored by Chautauqua Christian Fellowship and co-sponsored by the Department of Religion.

An adviser to leaders around the world, Mansfield is also an activist in a variety of social causes and a regular commentator on the Fox and CNN news networks.

After earning a bachelor’s degree in history and philosophy, Mansfield then moved to Texas where he pastored a church, completed two master’s degrees, hosted a radio show and began acquiring a reputation as a popular speaker of both depth and humor. He moved to Tennessee in 1991 where he again pastored a church, did relief work among the Kurds in Northern Iraq, served as a political consultant, and completed a doctorate.

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Fareed Zakaria, host of “Fareed Zakaria GPS” on CNN and editor-at-large for Time, introduces Chautauqua’s week of lectures on Pakistan Monday morning in the Amphitheater. Photo by Adam Birkan.

Zakaria: Choice to modernize Pakistan must be Pakistanis’

Violence caused by jihads is a relatively new problem, but many people associate it with Islam as a whole.

People first thought the cause of the Sept. 11 attacks had to do with Islam, a religion that has been around since the seventh century.

Despite beliefs that the religion is the cause of some violence, countries such as Indonesia and India are peaceful and democratic societies, said Fareed Zakaria, editor-at-large of Time magazine and CNN host, during Monday’s morning lecture.

Zakaria was the first speaker of Week Five, themed “Pakistan: Straddling the Boundary Between Asia and the Middle East.” He informed the audience about the history of Westernization in the Arab world and Pakistan’s deeply rooted religious nationalism.

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Zakaria to dissect complex dynamics of Pakistan-US relations

Within the Middle East’s Jenga-like geopolitical structure, Pakistan remains an integral yet enigmatic piece.

“Americans often go into these situations thinking there is a very simple divide of good guys and bad guys,” Fareed Zakaria said. “And we’re always supporting the good guys.”

Zakaria, CNN host and Time magazine editor-at-large, will break down Pakistan’s evolving role and its identity at 10:45 a.m. Monday in the Amphitheater. His lecture is the first in this week’s lineup, themed “Pakistan: Straddling the Boundary Between Asia and the Middle East.”

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