Chautauqua Property Owners Association experiments with new format during business meeting

The Chautauqua Property Owners Association tried something different for its annual business meeting.

Instead of moving through the agenda and closing with a Q-and-A portion with mics on either side, attendees were asked to write down their questions. According to CPOA President Barbara Brady, it was done “in the same vein as the 10:45 a.m. lecture.” The questions were collected by area representatives then read aloud by CPOA’s public relations affiliate and Chautauquan Daily reporter John Ford for Brady to answer during the meeting last Saturday in the Hall of Philosophy.

A packet with handouts detailing CPOA’s officers and board of directors, agenda and income statement for January to December 2016 was handed out before the start of the meeting.

In light of a recent bike accident that injured and hospitalized an 11-year-old near Bellinger Hall, concerns about bike safety were raised. The speed bump on Hedding was removed following the accident.

“We are working closely with the Institution — this is a really tough, tough thing,” Brady said. “It’s a concern for everyone on the grounds.”

According to Brady, the Institution is working on a master plan for safety and transportation.

Across the grounds, there are a few speed bumps, plus stop signs, one-way streets and bike-restricted zones that are not always observed.

“Most of us on the committee agree that the pedestrian is a primary at Chautauqua and we’ve got to get that message across to everyone,” said Class B trustee Hugh Butler. “This is a walking community.”

Another question was raised about finding a better internet solution than the current provider, Spectrum.

“To wire this whole place for Wi-Fi is going to take some effort and some money,” Brady said.

Access to Wi-Fi in the Amphitheater is much stronger and consistent than it used to be, according to Class B trustee Bill Neches. Installing fiber optic Wi-Fi across the grounds would be a complex process and having the Institution serve as the internet provider would place too much responsibility on the Institution, Neches said.

“That needs to be a company, but under the supervision of either the Chautauqua Utility District or the Institution,” Neches said. “It’s an ongoing problem. The Institution is committed to doing something about this.”

The agenda stated that a draft edition of the “Living in Chautauqua” handbook would be distributed, but this did not take place. Originally printed in 2000, the handbook details various information about “how best to live in the community,” according to Brady.

“The idea is to have it in every home, whether you own it or rent it, so that people can use it as a resource,” Brady said.

CPOA plans to release an updated, finalized version of the booklet for the 2018 season.

Following a question about Airbnb, a community member expressed concern about homeowners who choose to use Airbnb to rent their properties while they themselves are out of state. She complained about a wedding party that went into the early hours of the morning and the lack of knowledge of procedures like putting out trash and recycling. Currently, the Institution does not have any formal rules regarding Airbnb.

Earlier this week, Areas 1, 2, 3 and 10 hosted “casual porch chats.” CPOA is “striving to bring neighbors together by offering smaller, more intimate events in each area.” Area 6 hosted a porch chat and gathering at La Familia earlier in the season.

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