Chautauqua welcomes new athletic trainer Liuzzo


Chautauqua Health & Fitness’ newest personal trainer Carl Liuzzo doesn’t want to change you, but wants to improve you.

Liuzzo currently has one client, but plans to have five more after this week. But, he isn’t new to personal training; he also trains people at the Jamestown YMCA.

Liuzzo received his bachelor’s degree in fitness management at Barton College, where he did shot put for the track and field team.

“Coming up, I was overweight,” Liuzzo said. “So fitness for me was for personal gain and improving myself.”  Liuzzo never had dreams of being a trainer, but ended up falling in love with it as he began to train and improve his physical self. Being a leader came natural to Liuzzo and made training other people easy.

“I enjoy teaching people and offering the knowledge that I have,” Liuzzo said.

“Fitness has became a match that I never expected.”

He said the Turner Community Center is a trainer’s dream, and Liuzzo appreciates the facilities and being able to have a second gym at Heinz Beach.

“The air conditioning in Turner is a great addition,” Liuzzo said. “Having two locations to train clients is wonderful, and all the equipment is top notch.”

Liuzzo’s opportunity came this summer when Director of Recreation Meg Pickard asked him to come and see the facilities. The two already knew each other, as Pickard is a member of the YMCA where Liuzzo works.

Living nearby, Liuzzo has known about Chautauqua Institution but never spent a whole summer here.

“I really am looking forward to meeting new people and gaining new connections,” Liuzzo said. “I am excited to attend some of the programs here also.”

Liuzzo plans to give Chautauquans his best and train his clients to his highest capacity.

“I want my clients to do what they do, but well,” Liuzzo said. “Which means use perfect movements and improve on what they already know how to do, and show them the correct way to do workouts.”

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