A Chautauqua Fourth of July in Pictures

Each summer, Chautauquans showcase their American spirit with a day filled with celebrations of country and community. The Children’s School parade, Chautauqua Community Band concert, Independence Day Pops Celebration, and fireworks over a flare-lined Chautauqua
Michael Hill

Week Three Letter From the President

President Michael Hill Welcome to the third week of our 146th Assembly! I am writing this column on the Fourth of July, one of my favorite times here at Chautauqua. From the Children’s School parade, where

Being Human with a ‘Planet in Balance’

Guest Column: Michelle D. Boone CHQDaily “Work-life balance” is the refrain of our time — an idea that feels out of reach most days, but if nothing else, it is something to aim toward. We reorganize

Guest Critic: CSO and Alexander Gavrylyuk Take on Rachmaninoff

Review by Christopher Gibbs- Three long threads were woven into the Chautauqua Symphony Orchestra concert Tuesday evening. The first is called “Into the Music/After the Music,” intermission-less programs after which the audience is invited to ask questions

Walking the Tightrope Between History & Innovation

Good morning.  As president of the Institution, it is my special privilege to welcome you to Chautauqua’s 146th Assembly.  Whether this is your first day at Chautauqua or you count your attendance in decades and generations,

Hope, Dread and Hindsight in Hitler’s Seizure of Power

Image via. Elisabeth Asbrink ( Certain years resonate instantly in our historical consciousness. They inspire us to mark their anniversaries at regular round-year intervals, as last year’s commemorations of 1918 and 1968 so abundantly demonstrated.
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