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ECOC promotes religious and economic diversity at Chautauqua

The communal kitchens and eating areas are the heart of the buildings that make up the Ecumenical Community of Chautauqua. Cabinets line the walls and nearly none of them have doors; everyone’s food is on display — as is much of the color spectrum. It’s not just the ubiquitous Frosted Flakes blue and peanut-butter brown; with a closer look, there’s also a vase of green basil, a purple eggplant and a yellow watermelon.

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Benjamin Hoste | Staff PhotographerThe four coordinators of the Abrahamic Program for Young Adults, pose on the steps of Hurlbut Church at the beginning of the 2013 Season. 
From left to right, Sydney Maltese (Christian), Jawad Bayat (Islam, rear), Farrah Walji (Islam) and Moshe Givental (Judaism).

APYA coordinators reflect on their summer at Chautauqua

In 2006, Chautauqua Institution’s Department of Religion founded the Abrahamic Program for Young Adults, an initiative that aims to engage the community with interfaith dialogue and cooperation. The coordinators for the 2013 Season were Moshe Givental (Judaism), Sydney Maltese (Christianity), Jawad Bayat (Islam) and Farrah Walji (Islam).

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Department of Religion explores 2014 themes, lecturers announces chaplains

“I like to say that we use an angle of vision on the weekly themes,” said Joan Brown Campbell, director of Chautauqua Institution’s Department of Religion. “We use them to the extent possible, but they are designed for the morning lectures with a secular point of view. We try to provide an ethical base, a look at lived religion that people will find useful. Our lectures are from a humanitarian, ethical and spiritual point of view and are not just an extension of the morning themes.”

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Morning Worship: Chautauqua can choose to become the Beloved Community

The Rev. Joan Brown Campbell concluded her week as Chautauqua’s chaplain in residence at Friday’s morning worship service. Her topic was “Chautauqua’s Choice” and the Scripture text was Revelation 21:1-5.

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Muslim? There’s an app for that: APYA’s Bayat explains offerings available in app stores that cater to Islamic audience

There seems to be a smartphone app for everything these days — social media, weather forecasts and even an app that shows the exact direction of Mecca. And that’s just one of the many apps that are made specifically for Muslims.

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Franklin begins as Chautauqua’s worship leader on Sunday

“I am wrestling with my inaugural sermon. It is a time of a divided heart, to say thanks to Joan for extending her gifts and graces and publically receive the baton. [The sermon] is a point in time to build on and extend the Campbell legacy,” the Rev. Robert Franklin said.

It was Week Three, and Franklin was sitting on the patio of the Brick Walk Cafe reflecting on his future as the incoming director of Chautauqua Institution’s Department of Religion.

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Sacred Song provides send off, premieres Campbell prayer set to song

With three taps of the gavel, Chautauqua Institution President Thomas M. Becker will officially close the 2013 Season at Sunday’s 8 p.m. Sacred Song Service in the Amphitheater.

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Morning Worship: ‘We will need all the courage borne of faith to become compassionate’

Karen Armstrong received the TED Prize in 2008, and her wish was to develop a “Charter for Compassion.” The charter was developed online and was launched on Nov. 9, 2009. Since that time, more than 98,000 individuals and organizations have signed it.

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