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Katie McLean | Staff PhotographerTami Hritzay teaches for the Special Studies young artist program and in March published a children’s book titled Hole in the Wall: J.B. and the Pirates.

VACI Young Artists teacher Hritzay publishes children’s book

Tami Hritzay, an art teacher in the Special Studies Young Artists program at Chautauqua Institution, said she spent 30 years blabbing to everyone about how she wanted to write and illustrate a children’s book.

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Roxana Pop | Staff PhotographerSchool of Art student Aaron Von Seggern sits in his studio awaiting visitors during the school’s annual Open Studios event Monday evening at the Arts Quadrangle.

Chautauquans get sneak peek of artists’ life at Open Studios night

At Open Studios night last Monday at the School of Art, the first thing 7-year-old Jackson Kuhn did was make a beeline for art student Molly Berger’s ceramics studio. He traded a rock he painted — and autographed on the back — for one of her mugs. Kuhn loves ceramics; he takes classes in it through the Special Studies’ Young Artists program, and he started selling painted rocks last year to raise money for a ceramics student scholarship through the Chautauqua Fund.

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Benjamin Hoste | Staff PhotographerAmber Scoon is the author of Quantum Art.

Former art school student Scoon to discuss new book

Amber Scoon was a student at Chautauqua Institution’s School of Art in 1999. She returns to Chautauqua to discuss her first book, which came out in May. Scoon dedicated the book to Don Kimes, artistic director of Visual Arts at Chautauqua Institution, for introducing her to the world of contemporary art and to art as an academic study. She also studied with Kimes while earning her master’s at American University.

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Benjamin Hoste | Staff PhotographerAttendees of the Chautauqua School of Art’s Annual Student Exhibition discuss an untitled piece by ceramics student Emily Harki, a piece that sold for for $1,000. The exhibition runs through Thursday at Fowler-Kellogg Art Center.

Student artists become professionals, sell work from Fowler-Kellogg Exhibition

In an untitled piece, ceramics student Emily Harki attached crumpled squares of porcelain to several long wires, which she twisted into curls and drilled into two white wooden panels. Harki’s monochromatic piece, which measures the size of a small billboard, sold for $1,000 at the Chautauqua School of Art Annual Student Exhibition. It’s the most expensive sale from the student art show so far.

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Katie McLean | Staff PhotographerMargaret Grimes poses inside her studio at the School of Art.

Landscape painter Grimes focuses on artist’s journey

Painter Margaret Grimes wears black high-top sneakers, candy red sunglasses and a big cream-colored circle pendant around her neck. Her dress is unexpected for a woman who’s painted landscapes for the past 45 years.

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Katie McLean | Staff PhotographerCeramics artist Brian Giniewski poses with a collection of his white ceramic works.

A morning at the kilns with ceramics technician Giniewski

Friday is a big firing day at the School of Art — firing as in filling a kiln with clay and letting it bake into a hardened ceramic piece. Classes run Monday to Friday at the school, and by Saturday the students have finished pieces. The hand-building ceramics instructor said “it’s like microwavable popcorn,” in regard to how fast the school manages to get work fired.

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Greg Funka | Staff PhotographerArtists set up tables to sell their wares in Miller Park at VACI Partners’ 2012 “Art in the Park” event.

‘Art in the Park’ expected to shine this year

VACI Partners and the artists included in the Art in the Park sale are doing an anti-rain dance this year. And this is not just because of how rainy the past two weeks have been; rather, during last year’s art sale, it rained so hard even the fused glass under Wendy Cohen’s tent got wet and Sean Huntington lost one of his watercolor paintings.

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