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APYA Tries to Build Interfaith Community

When swastikas appeared on David Bloom’s predominantly Jewish dorm at Indiana University and someone threw rocks through the Chabad and Hillel houses, many students blamed the school’s small Muslim community. And yet it was Bloom’s
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Bringing Sufism to Mystic Heart

As a young Ph.D. student, Muinuddin Charles Smith was traveling around studying religious communities in the early 1980s when he came across a commune of Sufis. He stopped studying and started meditating. Smith and his

The Rise of Interfaith Solidarity

In the hours after a Muslim man massacred 49 people in a gay nightclub, as Donald Trump used the shooting to bolster his argument that Muslims are terrorists, 465 Muslim leaders from numerous organizations across
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Pulleyn Leads Mystic Heart with Zen Buddhism

John Pulleyn doesn’t believe in nostalgia. In fact, he said, he’s happier now than he ever was in his youth and it’s all thanks to meditation. Once a self-conscious young man who thought he needed

The Buddhist Approach to Environmentalism

Phrakhru Pitak Nanthakhun begged his father to keep the baby monkey clinging to its dead mother. Phrakhru’s father, a hunter in northern Thailand, had shot her and, devastated, Nanthakhun tried to care for the baby.
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