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The living room of Miller Cottage is pictured Aug 18, 2016.

One Family’s 140 years with the Miller Cottage

The Lewis Miller Cottage is the most historic house on the grounds of Chautauqua Institution. Innumerable famous guests, including presidents and giants of industry and invention, passed through its rooms and gardens. It was named

Rock ‘n’ Roll: Rebellious, Revolting or Both?

Everyone knows that rock ‘n’ roll emerged in the mid-1950s as a primal cri de coeur from disaffected teenagers fed up with the soul-killing compliance imposed upon them by their hopelessly square and clueless parents.

A Rough Rider from Chautauqua

Theodore Miller was the ultimate golden boy. The son of Lewis Miller, the successful manufacturer of farm machinery and the co-founder, along with John Heyl Vincent, of Chautauqua Institution, Theodore seemed to have it all.
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General Petraeus Visits Chautauqua

David Petraeus is a warrior, but he also understands the importance of making and keeping the peace. What happens after a battle is won can be as important as winning that battle in the first

Meet the Legendary Leader of the Green Mountain Boys

“In the name of the great Jehovah and the Continental Congress!” That’s what Ethan Allen thundered at Lieutenant Jocelyn Feltham, second in command of the British troops of Fort Ticonderoga, when  Feltham (who was literally

Historian to Discuss American Utopianism

Heaven on Earth. A perfect world. Utopia. Throughout history, people have sought to create communities that reflected their higher aspirations, that tried to improve daily life through a shared belief in a common set of
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