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Chautauqua Ceramics Stronger Than Ever

Most of the time when people use the term, “firing on all cylinders,” they don’t mean it literally. But at the School of Art, the phrase actually describes the ceramics department this season pretty accurately.

Tonawandas Legion Band Takes Hits the Amp

The American Legion Band of the Tonawandas has had many achievements in its 87-year history. Founded by World War I veterans in 1929, the volunteer music group has won 20 national titles and played at
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Public Art As A Contribution to Society

Painters are often thought of as reclusive sorts, and the kind of people who choose to hole up by themselves in the studio for hours on end, not talking to anyone. For some artists, that
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Willett Explore New Ceramic Shapes for VACI

For an art show at Syracuse University in 2014, Errol Willett didn’t present mugs, teapots or cups as some artists would. Instead, the ceramist presented a different shape: shopping bags. Willett, a professor and coordinator

NYSSSA Choral Students Will Perform Sunday

Like most teenagers, Chris Mannarino used to prefer simply doing nothing with his summer except lounging around. But at the suggestion of his aunt, a guidance counselor, Mannarino reluctantly tried out for the New York
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