August 20, 2016


Gallery: All-American Softball

Playing sports with friends and neighbors is a tradition as longstanding and all-American as Chautauqua itself. The men’s and women’s recreational softball leagues, which play at Sharpe Field, are no exception. In true Chautauqua fashion,

Six Stars of Chautauqua

Mark Soderbergh has worked at Afterwords Cafe this season.
Chautauqua’s 2016 season has but one week to go. It is the last season of the venerable Amphitheater. It is
Barbershop Harmony Parade

Barbershop Quartet Tunes Return to the Amp

For more than half a century, barbershop quartets have been harmonizing in the Amphitheater. Before the venue is rebuilt later this year, the Barbershop Harmony Parade will perform one more concert on its historic stage.
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